The staff of ArkSurvivalists are proud of what a great community we have.  Each individual member is a part of a foundation that makes this community what it is today.  We work hard to maintain website and server consistency.  As everyone knows, however, it's only possible with a bit of financing.  You can help us with the dues of running the website and the server!

Donations go directly to the paypal account responsible for maintaining subscriptions for both the site and the server.  Your donation will be withdrawn automatically either to for site coverage, or to Nitrado for server coverage.

All donations/subscription of $3 or more will come with perks!  Below are all of the features that you will earn upon donating.  You will earn all the perks of which your donation/subscription is greater than or equal to!

Donators will recieve:

$3 - Donator Tag (Discord)

$5 - Custom Emote (You choose one for our server!)

$5 - Painted Dino

Subscribers will recieve:

$3 - Subscriber Tag (Discord)

$5 - Custom Emote (You choose one for our server!)

$5 - 1 Painted Dinos per Month

$10 - 3 Painted Dinos per Month