Attention All Users

We recently have had a bit of confusion with the Discord chat.  Some previous founders of the community have taken over the Discord server and caused some issues with contact.  Not to worry!  We are developing a new server and sending invites to all our members.  If you are new, disregard this statement and apply!  We'll get you rolling and where you need to be to enjoy the Anthology's server.

New Discord Link:  Anthology RP

Survivors, Big News!

We have changed the name of our community.  ArkSurvivalists is now known as Anthology RP.  Spread the word and spread the name!

We have recently been reporting issues with the Discord crashing.  If you are having this issue, simply wait it out.  Discord Servers are undergoing an overhaul and they are experiencing technical issues along the way.

Welcome to The Anthology RP, an ARK:  Survival Evolved Role-Playing server for Xbox One.

Hey Survivalists,

Looking for a fun server to Role Play in on Xbox One?
Looking for a great community?
Looking to enchance your Ark: Survival Evolved skills.

Join The Anthology RP. Join the community, be part of the story. We are getting ready to start our relaunch with anticipation of the new Nitrado PC Hosted Servers! More reliability, more stability, more role-play! We have seen over 300+ players come and go through our seasons and cant wait to bring in more!

Our server offers everything you would want in a great community; friendly players, competitions with prizes (both real and in game), an interactive lore & a fantastic environment to role play. You'll have the opportunity to create a character of your desire and live that character's life in the worlds of the Ark. You'll meet many, some of which you might like or hate, become friend or adversary, trade by choice or force. You will cherish some of the best ARK memories you've ever had, to replace some of you that have the memories of losing everything in official.

Start a story, Be the story.  Join the Anthology.


Active Lore



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