Survivors!  The launch of our server is within reach!  While we are currently only working off of projections from the studio, we can confirm that we have server settings in hand.  The server is being molded by our staff to create the best role play season for you!  We will have our site settings in place and ready to launch once we have our server in hand & all the necessary structures build for this season.  We'll also be announcing the server lore upon release, and the settings will be listed sometime to follow server release.  

We hope to see you on the island this season, as it's going to be a great one!  Many survivors are asking about the season's lore this time around, and we promise, we'll give it to you as soon as we have the server in hand and start the building/preparation operations.  However, I'll give you a small hint to our new season...  Hopefully you're good at PVP!