Season 11 Anthology Rates and Stats



Game Type: 


Seasonal Modifiers:

Force No Nameplates

 Engrams Removed: C4, C4 Detonator, and Vaults

Dino Deletion:



Dinos Not Tameable:



The server gather rate & health ratio is currently set to – 10:2

Xp rate is currently set to - 2.0

Player carry weight is currently set to - *7.0

Dino carry weight is currently set to - 3.5

Food & Water is set to - 5.0

Fortitude is set to - 2.5

Oxygen - 2.5

Movement Speed is set to - 1.5

 Taming rate is currently set to – *8.0

Mating Interval Multiplier is set to – 0.7

Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier is set to – 3.0

Baby Mature Speed Multiplier is set to – 5.0

Baby Imprinting Speed - 0.5

Day/Night Cycle:  2 Hours Real Time = 1 Day In Game

Gamma:  Force Default

Nameplates:  Disabled

Drop Quality: 0.8

* = Ethel Manipulated

Season 11 Lore


A bright light flashes from aboard the S. S. Automata. Inside the science wing, a long dormant device stays, its partner far away. A man lies on the inhuman, metallic cold floor, his graying dreadlocks in a heap. For hours he stays there, unmoving, seemingly dead. But inside him is something far different. His heart beats ever so faintly, barely enough to qualify him as “alive.” As the hours pass, it seems hopeless, until finally, after what seems like an eternity, a deathly cough rings out from his body. His eyes snap open, his memory faint. He embraces the cold, gauging whether he was truly alive or not. As he begins to stand, the device beneath him begins to quiver, as the same bright light that brought this graying man here originally shines once more. The graying man immediately grabs a nearby gun, and prepares for resistance. As the light begins to die down, another man appears upon the device, then another, and another, until a sizable militia has formed. One by one they wake, dazed and confused, the ones who arrived first only just now taking in the atmosphere around them.
Strange devices by the likes of which have never been seen before lay disorganized throughout the entirety of the lab. However, something is off.

“Where is everyone?” The graying man confusedly asks, his voice ringing out in the dead silence, “We were supposed to meet a heavy resistance according to Dallas, so where are the guns? Where are the guards? Where are the bullets?”
Murmuring ensues from the crowd forming behind him. Fear, panic, and agitation soon take over, until one voice speaks above all of the rest.

 “We’re not sure, Commander, but that’s not important right now. Tell us what to do, and we’ll do it. I’m sure that you out of anyone can figure this out!” The rest of the crowd nods in agreement, the fear dissipating from the air. A small group of men glare at the “Commander,” but the rest of the militia pays no mind to them.

The Commander looks around at the group laid out before him. Men and women from all types of backgrounds stare back at him, awaiting command. He clears off a nearby table, leaps onto it, and begins to shout. “For those of you who are not aware, my name is Locke Pierce! A long war has been laid before us, a war against those who have enslaved us, tortured us, and toyed with us for years. Today, we shall take our first step towards victory! No matter what awaits us behind these doors, don’t lose hope. Some of us may die, but none shall ever be forgotten. Your sacrifice will take us into a better tomorrow; one in which we, and all of our brothers and sisters, will live free! Now is the time to fight! Now is the time to conquer!”

Almost as though possessed by a new spirit, the crowd begins to cheer and chant, grabbing anything nearby that could be used as a weapon. “Are you with me?” Locke screams. The crowd responds in a singular, unified, “Yes, sir!” And upon that, he jumps from the table, charging straight for the closest door, the massive crowd following suit. As he reaches the door, it opens automatically, as if in preparation for his arrival. He bursts through the open doorway and stops, his mouth dropping to the floor.

As the rest of the group catches up, they react the same exact way. They stand in a horribly long hallway. However, this hallway is unlike any they’d ever encountered. Contrary to the dead, metallic laboratory they had been in just moments before, this hallway was full of life. A spiny, black vine - like substance lines the entirety of the hallway. It pulsates and beats just like human heart would, oozing a pitch black tar from the vines. They glow an ominous, bright purple, making up for the lack of artificial light aboard the ship. One of the crowd members suddenly gasps and points down the hallway.

There, the bare remnants of Dr. Gerart lay. His lab coat still graces his body, but the rest of him is unrecognizable. Small portions of rotting flesh cling to what is otherwise just pure bone, but something far more disturbing than that is present. A raptor picks at the doctor’s remaining flesh. It is covered in the same vine - like substance lining the hallway, a thin film growing over its eyes. “Teclium...” Locke faintly whispers as one of the members of the crowd screams at the sight of the beastly monster, causing it to cock its head. It sniffs the air, picking up the scent of fresh food, and charges the group. The majority of the crowd begins sprinting back into the laboratory as Locke attempts to reign them in, shouting at them to calm down. A few brave men stand their ground and unload clip after clip into the oncoming raptor. However, the raptor seems unaffected by the bullets as it leaps onto the nearest victim, aiming straight for the jugular, killing him instantly. Clip after clip, victim after victim, both sides take heavy losses until finally, the raptor falls to the ground dead. Total losses: 9 men.

“Everyone! Calm down! It’s been taken care of. We may have lost some, but we have to keep pushing forward for them!” Locke shouts, the group slowly recuperating, “onward!” For the next several hours, the group pushes forward, clearing out any of the beasts similar to the raptor and searching for any signs of human life. However, only bodies are found. Many lives are lost before finally reaching the piloting room. Locke approaches the nearest monitor in the room and goes silent. It reads:
He straightens up, acting as though he saw nothing and covering up the monitor.
“Gather around, men! Next stop: Earth!”


After making her way to Earth, the malicious AI, Ethel, set about eradicating humanity. She released the Teclium virus into the atmosphere, killing the population within hours before she activated obelisks placed around the planet by the Unknown years before. Extinct organisms began to walk the desolate expanse of Earth's surface, most of them becoming corrupted by the virus.

You are among the last survivors of the humans and part of the only hope humanity has left. Ethel will stop at nothing to remove "the cancer of humanity" from her planet. Once per week, she will demand sacrifice from the people of the last city on Earth. One life to be taken every week.

Is that a price worth paying for existence. Is it worth paying for a chance at freedom or a chance fo fight against the oppressor?

Season 11 Rules and Concepts

• Every week, Ethel will call for a human sacrifice. If Ethel’s demand is or is not met, there will either be positive or negative repercussions. It is up completely to the players to decide how they wish to go about the situation and how they will choose the weekly sacrifice, assuming that they comply with Ethel’s demands. Additionally, the character(s) sacrificed will be considered permadead once sacrifice is completed.

• This season, the Titans are allowed to be tamed. However, they are unable to be used in any form of PvP unless being used in self defense.

- Examples of Proper Titan Usage Include:

- Defense in reaction to a demand and consequence.

- Defense in reaction to an ongoing raid in which you are the victim.

- Examples of Improper Titan Usage Include:

- Attacking someone due to personal dislike of said individual.

- Attacking someone because they insulted you.