Season 12 Anthology Rates and Stats



Game Type: 

Primitive Plus

Seasonal Modifiers:

 Engrams Removed: Radios

Drops Disabled

Dino Deletion:








Dinos Not Tameable:




 Limits are based on population, for example, a tribe with 10 people can have 10 of a dino that says (Limit 1 Per Person.) They do not have to be personal tames.

Faction Specific Dinos:

Faction Specific dinos can be TAMED only by the faction that is named next to them. Non-faction players may not tame them. (They can be traded for from the neutral town, however, or between tribes or factions as tames and as eggs.) This is to offer an incentive for non-faction tribes and factions to use the trade town and communicate with each other.

Allosaurus (Highlanders) (Limit 3 Per Faction)

Daedon (Exiles) (Limit 2 Per Faction)

Therizino (Bay People) (Limit 1 Per Faction)

Chalicotherium (Bay People) (Limit 4 Per Faction)

Wooly Rhino (Highlanders) (Limit 1 Per Faction)

Sarcos (Exiles) (Limit 3 Per Faction)

Dinos With Limitation in Place:

Griffin (Limit 1 Per Person)

Wyvern (Limit 3 Per Tribe)

Argentavis (Limit 1 Per Person)

Arthropluera  (Limit 2 Per Tribe)

Baryonyx (Limit 2 Per Tribe)

Dimorphodon (Limit 1 Per Person)

Direbear (Limit 1 Per Person)

Direwolf (Limit 2 Per Person)

Mammoth (Limit 1 Per Tribe)

Mosasaurus (Limit 1 Per Tribe)

Paraceratherium (Limit 1 Per Tribe)

Plesiosaur (Limit 1 Per Tribe)

Purlovia (Limit 1 Per Person)

Quetzal (Limit 1 Per Tribe)

Raptor (Limit 2 Per Person)

Rex (Limit 1 Per Tribe)

Rock Elemental (Limit 1 Per Tribe)

Spinosaur (Limit 1 Per Tribe)

Tusoteuthis (Limit 1 Per Tribe)

Vulture (Limit 1 Per Person)

Yutyrannus (Limit 1 Per Tribe)


The server gather rate & health ratio is currently set to – 10:2

Xp rate is currently set to - 3.0

Player carry weight is currently set to - 5.0

Dino carry weight is currently set to - 3.5

Food & Water is set to - 5.0

Fortitude is set to - 2.5

Oxygen - 2.5

Movement Speed is set to - 1.5

 Taming rate is currently set to – 3.0

Mating Interval Multiplier is set to – 0.7

Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier is set to – 3.0

Baby Mature Speed Multiplier is set to – 5.0

Baby Imprinting Speed - 0.5

Day/Night Cycle:  2 Hours Real Time = 1 Day In Game

Gamma:  Force Default

Nameplates:  Enabled

Stack Size Multiplier: 10.0

Season 12 Rules and Concepts

-This season will be treated much like a game of Risk. Three separate factions have freshly arrived to these new lands, each with their own respective reasoning. However, one thing remains consistant between them: the desire to conquer this island and stand on top above all other groups.
-Each weekend, there will be a land claiming period for factions from Saturday at 12 AM EST to Monday at 12 AM EST.
-Factions may only claim TWO zones during this period, both of which must be adjacent to a territory they owned at the beginning of the claiming period.
-In order for a territory to be deemed successfully claimed, an outpost must be built within the targeted zone. This outpost must have an actual structure to it, meaning that one can’t just simply build a thatch hut and call it an outpost. More details to the claiming process can be located on the Land Claim Form.
-In the event that multiple factions attempt to claim the same territory, an admin mediated event will occur to determine the true owner of that territory.
-Benefits and rewards will be given to those who successfully claim land. The more land one possesses, the more benefits they will receive. This can range from increased weekly salary all the way to access to higher quality engrams. In the end, the group with the largest amount of land will obviously receive the highest tier benefits and will be declared the official “winner” at the end of this season.
-All faction leaders, and all those killed in a direct encounter with a faction leader, will be considered “permadead” upon being killed in any roleplay scenario and will have to create a new character. - Things such as dying to a wild dinosaur, accidentally falling from a cliff, etc. do NOT result in a faction leader’s permadeath. Permadeath is not in instantaneous effect during land claiming battles and large scale fights, but in stead the faction leader will dictate one’s life or death.
 - Additional factions may be added throughout the season by you, the players. Here are a couple of requirements that must be met to be officially declared a faction.
- In order to be declared an official faction, a group must have a tribe comprised of at least 6 ACTIVE members. In addition, that group must also have a base of operations located in an unclaimed zone. More details can be found on the Faction Request Form or can be asked of by contacting an admin. In the event that a form is approved, this new faction would fall under all official factions rules.
-Factions MUST host at least ONE event a week in order to stay a faction. Faction events do not have to be too strenuous and can just simply be a feast or a party. However, it is strongly encouraged to think outside of the box and create original events.
-Faction leaders will also be given a sum of money each week to distribute amongst their people as they see fit depending on the kinds of jobs different players are fulfilling (i.e. being a blacksmith, a breeder, or a cook).


- Any limited dinos, such as griffins and rexes, that are found to be in excess in one’s tribe will be culled at admin discretion. See the dino list above for more details.
-Tribes can be taken over by any raiding party who successfully captures or kills the tribe’s leader.
  -Additionally, tribes and factions may voluntarily be taken over if both sides agree to it.
  -Factions may be overthrown and put successfully under new control under two conditions.
   -Those attempting to overthrow have majority support within the faction.
   -The current faction leader is either captured, killed, or flees.
The Bounty System

- When a bounty is placed upon someone’s head through the trade town, that individual will be notified of such. From that point onward, there will be a 48 hour period in which that bounty will be active. A baseline 30 element shards must be payed in order to set a bounty. However, the higher payment for the bounty, the more likely it is to be completed, for the bounty target must pay triple the original bounty cost in order to call off the bounty.
- During a bounty’s duration, demand and consequence does not have to be met, but you still must interact via speech with the target and make your intent to kill them incredibly clear. 
- Once a bounty is completed and the target has been eliminated, that target will be considered permadead. One may only place one bounty per week.