Anthology Rates and Stats


The Island

Game Type: 


Seasonal Modifiers:

Drops Disabled

Force No Nameplates

Many non-tamable dinos

Engrams Removed: Radio

Dino Deletion:






Dinos Not Tameable:




















The server gather rate & health ratio is currently set to – 10:2

Xp rate is currently set to - 2.0

Player carry weight is currently set to - 5.0

Dino carry weight is currently set to - 2.0

Food & Water is set to - 5.0

Fortitude is set to - 2.0

Oxygen - 2.5

Movement Speed is set to - 1.5

 Taming rate is currently set to – 2.5

Mating Interval Multiplier is set to – 0.7

Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier is set to – 3.0

Baby Mature Speed Multiplier is set to – 5.0

Baby Imprinting Speed - 0.5

Day/Night Cycle:  2 Hours Real Time = 1 Day In Game

Gamma:  Force Default

Nameplates:  Disabled

Season 10 Lore

You wake up inside of a large metal cylinder floating in a strange liquid with many different tubes going in and out of your body. As the cylinder begins to move you hear voices that you can barely understand, it is at this moment you realize that there is a conversation taking place.

You hear a male voice ask, “Are all of the specimens awake now”? A female voice answers assertively, “Yes, Doctor”. The male voice who apparently was the Doctor asked, "How long did they survive without the obelisks activated?"

“They all died within an hour, Doctor”.

The Doctor then chuckles and asks, “What happened?”

“Most of them were eaten by the carnivores on the Island, some of them killed each other, others killed themselves and the list goes on and on,Doctor.”

The Doctor, astounded by this news asked, “And that all happened within an hour?"

“Yes, Doctor.”

The Doctor chuckles again after hearing this and responds, "That’s pitiful. The adaptability of the modern day human is pathetic, so why don’t we help them out a bit.”
”How so, Doctor?” asked the female voice a bit confused this time. The Doctor paused and then asked, “First Ms. Abernathy, I have a question. Are all of our specimens volunteers?" Ms. Abernathy answered, "No Doctor some of them were abducted and many of them came into this project under various circumstances.” The Doctor responded, "Good, then tell all of the volunteer’s families that they have died and erase anyone else who is a specimen off of every database and information network known to man. I don’t want my experimentation to be disturbed by outsiders."

“Yes, Doctor.” answered Ms. Abernathy. “Now that all of the formalities have been taken care of let’s get to the interesting part,” continued the Doctor in a positive tone.

The conversation stops and the area gets really quiet, quiet to the point where all you can hear the sound of your breathing. All of a sudden you hear the Doctor's voice except this time it was as if he were talking through a microphone saying, ”Attention all personnel, it is time for the project to begin! Activate the obelisks and inject the specimens with their implants containing all of the survival information!” You then begin to feel something drilling into your left wrist, a sharp pain ensues so intense that you begin to pass out. As you slowly fade into unconsciousness you hear the Doctor's last words. “Ladies and gentlemen let us begin project A.R.K.!"


Doctor: "How are our subjects doing?"

Assistant: "The subjects seem to be surviving well, as expected. They seem to be learning and growing, even coming together and forming groups. They are still clueless as to what is going on."

Doctor: "Excellent...excellent indeed. They are showing great progress."

Assistant: "What do you have planned next, doctor?"

Doctor: "We must continue to observe them silently as we have been doing. We must see how much they can take. Prepare Project Arcanum for the Ark."

Assistant: "Yes, doctor, I shall make all of the subjects fall into a deep sleep in order to prepare the ark for Project Arcanum."

Doctor: "Perfect. Return to me later with results."

Assistant: "Of course, doctor."

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